Moving employment can present many challenges irrespective of whether you are at an early or more advanced stage of your career. Accountants in particular can be conservative by nature and more risk averse than other professionals such as those in sales roles. The marketplace can also often seem like a minefield with conflicting sources of information.

Candidate concerns that arise on a regular basis include:

  • How to best continue my on-going professional development?
  • What to put in/leave out of my CV?
  • Where are the emerging sectors/employment opportunities?
  • Is my skill set transferable?
  • What is the competition like?
  • How is travelling/working overseas viewed?
  • Very few, if any promotional opportunities being available with my current employer.
  • Impact of greatly reduced bonuses on one’s annual earnings potential
  • Focus of their employer on deleveraging rather than growing their business.
  • How and when to resign especially with bonuses to be paid?

Service offerings to candidates

EMPOWERMENT provide the value added services below free of charge to candidates we work with:

  1. CV structuring
  2. Critical candidate analysis
  3. Market analysis
  4. Access to business network
  5. Interview preparation

Employment seminars

EMPOWERMENT provide annual Living & Working Overseas Seminars at the Westbury Hotel focused on recently qualified accountants who are considering working abroad, particularly in Australia.