At EMPOWERMENT our recruitment philosophy is built around the acronym *T.R.U.S.T.*

Trust: Trust amongst candidates and clients that we will present an accurate assessment of a situation e.g. recruitment challenges of a specific role or around a candidate’s credentials. Likewise, we expect candidates and clients to be frank with us in terms of their abilities and challenges they foresee with a role.

Relationships: EMPOWERMENT is focused on building strong long term relationships with both candidates and clients. In recruitment it can be easy to make quick wins that are not in the longer term interests of candidates or clients. EMPOWERMENT endeavours to act professionally and ethically and to not promote their own agenda at the expense of clients or candidates. Strong relationships are built upon trust whether it is constructive candidate career advice or a successful record of repeat candidate placements with an employer.

Understanding: It is critical that we have a thorough understanding of exactly what a client desires both in terms of candidate experience and cultural fit. This may mean that we ask more probing questions than others but ultimately this allows us to have a really clear and complete understanding of company requirements. The same principle applies to candidates and it is very important that we get an understanding from them as to their career ambitions or what they do not want to do as the case may be. It can be very frustrating to be contacted about roles for which you have clearly expressed no interest in. We believe it is our responsibility to listen to what candidates want and on that basis present them with relevant options based on their chosen criteria. Whilst there may be an element of trial and error at the beginning of a relationship ultimately a candidate and not a forceful recruiter should decide whether to go forward for a particular role.

Service: Recruitment is a professional service and here at EMPOWERMENT we are conscious of maintaining standards of professionalism that one would expect in service sectors such as in a Big 4 Practice or top tier law firm. For example, we see no value in sending 20+ resumes to a client for a position in the hope that a few might be semi relevant. We are paid to find the best people and we aim to limit CV’s to three or less for assignments that we are engaged on. Likewise, for candidates whilst it can at times be difficult we try our best to reply promptly to queries that they may have.

Tenacity: Whilst we pride ourselves on working smartly, we also work with tenacity for our clients and candidates. Hard work pays off and we approach assignments with a focused and competitive mentality, working to the best of our ability to get the right candidate for the role in question. On a rare occasion we may not be able to help a client but we would prefer to be up front and honest about this rather than promoting someone that we do not believe would be a suitable fit.